Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This sweet friend...

is a loving, beautiful, caring, sacrificial, God fearing, prayer warrior who has blessed me greatly in the 8 years I have known her!! She is a wonderful and patient mother and someone who is a wonderful example to me!! She has blessed and dressed Bailey over the last 8 months (inclulding the adorable dress she is wearing in the picture). She has sacrificially loaned her sweet girls wardrobe to us, and though I am sure it won't last forever, it has been an amazing blessing!! Christy, I pray for you and your sweet family every time Bailey wears one of the cute items, like she is today!! Love you friend!!
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Christy Incinelli said...

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words Ash! What a blessing you have been to ME these past eight years! Thanking the Lord for you and your beautiful family! I love you too my sweet friend! Oh, and the clothes will keep coming y'alls way for as long as you want!!