Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and to celebrate we went to a car show with Ryan's Dad. Ryan always enjoys showing off his Red Truck, and I am always proud of him showing off his hard work. We had a good time at the show, even if it was exceptionally hot! Nevertheless, I got some great pictures of the family - with my new camera (thanks Mom). Hope you enjoy!

Reed's new "trick" is giving kisses! And he loves kissing his Daddy!

I feel so privileged to be married to such an amazing man, who loves God with all his heart and loves others well! I am so thankful that he is the father of my son, and Reed is so fortunate to have him as a Dad!

I love you, Ryan! Thanks for being the man you are!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

Reed turned 1 on Friday, but Saturday was the celebration. Ryan and I took Reed to the beach, with his family! It was a beautiful day and Reed really enjoyed it! We then, came home and cooked out, and opened presents. We sang to Reed and I even made him a cupcake, but he wasn't interested in it at all! Oh year!!

Here are a few pictures of our fun festivities!

Reed in his big boy carseat

walking on the beach


And then the party....

not interested....

on his new toy from Mimi

he was excited

Daddy reading a book to Reed

Reed also got a great play set for outside, but my battery had died, yet again, by the time that was put together! But he has had lots of fun on it!! Thanks Grandma and PawPaw!

Wedding fun!

A week ago we went to see one of my best friends get married to an amazing man! We stayed in her dad's house, with all of the other bridesmaids, and some other close friends. We had a great time!

At the rehearsal brunch

At the reception

Chel's sister made those cakes. And I helped decorate them! It was quite a process!!

These girls and friends you only find once in your life!! They are amazing!

I know that I have been blessed with amazing people in my life - and these are just a few of them!