Monday, July 25, 2011

New and Improved Room!

We finally bunked the boys beds, and I must say, I am LOVING it!! They have SO much more room to play, and their beds are so cozy!!

Taking their beds apart was an adventure...I had no idea there would be so many "treasures" hiding underneath!! We had a whole army of army men under Reed's bed!!

It took the whole family, including Uncle Michael and Pawpaw to put the beds together...but it was SO worth it! Daddy has since built a ladder, but it is not in the picture.

Reed loves being on the top

Even Leo had a little snuggle time in Cade's bed!!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This sweet friend...

is a loving, beautiful, caring, sacrificial, God fearing, prayer warrior who has blessed me greatly in the 8 years I have known her!! She is a wonderful and patient mother and someone who is a wonderful example to me!! She has blessed and dressed Bailey over the last 8 months (inclulding the adorable dress she is wearing in the picture). She has sacrificially loaned her sweet girls wardrobe to us, and though I am sure it won't last forever, it has been an amazing blessing!! Christy, I pray for you and your sweet family every time Bailey wears one of the cute items, like she is today!! Love you friend!!
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nothing makes my heart happier...

Than seeing my family smile!!!
Life has been pretty busy with 3 littles ones home all summer! They have had a good time lovin' on each other and I love seeing their relationships grow!! I love getting loved on by my kiddos, but watching them love on each other is WAY better!!!
Because life has been so busy I am going to just let some pictures warm your heart they way they do mine, and I will try to be better about updating on a more daily basis!!

Soo much love!!

Precious child!!

I love how she is looking at him in this one!

Can't forget about Daddy...the boys still LOVE mowing the yard!!

Bailey has developed quite the "cheese" face! As soon as she sees my camera or phone come out this is what she does!!

Kisses for Daddy!!!!

And boy does she love Daddy kisses!!
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