Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Halloween Pictures have arrived.
Go to the website:
Then go to projects, and click on Best Beginnings Halloween: Reed Dender
The password is: Ashley

Enjoy!! The other baby with Reed is Gabe, our good friends son!! They are too cute!! You can order the pics online also, if you so desire..BUT do it quick, they will be taken off Nov 21st!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Keeping Busy

Well, we certainly have been keeping busy. The picture above was taken while we were in Orlando for my good friend and college roommates wedding! We had a great time and were able to catch up with lots of good friends!! Those friends are hard to replace!!

Reed is more and more fun everyday!! He is giggling all the time- and LOVES playing in his little exersaucer! He is growing up so fast- it is hard to believe he is about 16 lbs- and started out at a measly 5!!! Speaking of growing up quickly- Ry and I went to a starting solids class Thursday- so I am sure in a month or so we will have some great pics of Reeds first reactions to food!!

On that note- for those of who would like to know when I update the blog- without having to check everyday- there should be a little box to your right, where you can put your email address, and it will send you an email when it gets updated!! :)

Well, Halloween was Wednesday, and though I don't have any pics for you of Reed, you should know that he was the cutest little "chick" ever! I took him for his first photo shoot, and he was a natural! The photographer should be putting the pictures online for you to order if you would like soon!! He really was adorable! Our good friends also dressed their son (who is Reed's age - younger by just 2 weeks) in the same costume, and then the 2 of them took some picutres together!! They were the talk of the store!! Too Cute!! I will let you know as soon as the pictures are online!!

I hope some of these pictures will satisfy you for a little while!!

Daddy thinks he will play Rugby...we will see!

He was excited about his photo shoot!!