Wednesday, November 4, 2009

update attempt

I have been trying to update the blog regularly for awhile, and each time I fail. Sorry for such a long break!

Where to begin?
It is hard to believe that Cade is already 8 months old. He is a sweet little guy. He LOVES his brother, is sitting up and almost crawling, eats almost anything (shocker!!), makes motorboat sounds, claps, is very ticklish, slightly bigger than his brother when Reed was his age, loves his paci, and cries when Mommy walks away!

I think it is even harder to believe that Reed is almost 2 1/2. He is SO much fun! He talks all the time, and will repeat what he is saying over, and over, and over until he knows you know what he is saying. He loves choo-choo's, to ride his bike, color/paint, play any kind of sport, help bathe "his baby". He can repeat his ABC's, knows most of his colors, and can kinda count to 5 (four is hard to say, lol). At night Reed has started praying with us and "thanking God" for EVERYONE he knows..."thank you for Momma and Dada and Gramma and Pawpaw and "gigi" aka Casey, and Leo and Uncle and Mimi, and "B", and Poppy, and both Nana's(but that is hard to say), and "gem" aka Gabe, and last night he prayed for his friend Avery saying "I ran round with Avery". I really should get it on video. It is funny because sometimes he throws in his favorite toy of the day - "thank you for choo-choos" is one we hear alot! LOL

I LOVE being a stay at home Mom! I LOVE watching them grow and learn! I can't wait to see what their future holds - they are such a blessing!!