Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is busy

Life has been busy around this house, and technology has not been cooperating, thus no pictures :(

Cade's Newest Accomplishments at 10 months:
Waves "hi and bye"
Gives "fives"
Claps when you say "yay!!"
Answers the question "How big are you?" by throwing his hands up over his head, which is followed by Reed saying "Baby Cade is so big!" and then "I'm so big too"
Makes kissy sounds/ gives big wet kisses on the lips
Eats almost all table food
Stands by himself for a few seconds (getting longer everyday)
Walks with a walker like a champ!!
LOVES to play ball
Gets VERY excited everyday when Daddy comes home!!

Reed's Accomplishments:
It amazes me how many words Reed knows/can say or attempt to say! It is so fun to listen to him talk and tell me stories!! Such a big boy!!!
Is still working on potty training....I think #2 scares him...

What fun these little boys are!!