Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We were busy this weekend making some cosmetic changes to our house.

First we painted our red door ... black. It took 1 coat of primer, and 3 coats of black. Of those 4 coats I think Ryan painted 1/4 of one coast... Yet, somehow the only picture I have of the door while still in its "before" stages happened to be while Ryan painted of the door. Rest assured I painted all of the rest.

In case you couldn't see what was on our door, it is this cute "D" I painted.

Ryan also got his truck out of the garage this weekend ( Reed was very excited to go for a ride in it with "Uncle" and Daddy):

And when the truck left the garage he uncovered this little diamond in the rough...
The table is from Goodwill a number of years ago, and lived in Ryan's apartment in college.

When I saw it on Saturday I quickly and excitedly exclaimed "Can we paint that?! A little sanding and a little spray paint and we have a new practically free end table! I LOVE it - I will try to get a good picture of it with the lamp I intend to find or buy soon!Speaking of cosmetic changes...this couch is getting a big one! I bought this couch at a garage sale when we first got married. Little did I know that our puppy liked tearing the fabric off of the couch. We have since tried slipcovers, but anyone who has ever used a slipcover knows how terrible they are!! They don't fit quite right, the move around, oh, and they shrink when you dry them!

That is why I have decided to recover the couch. I started yesterday and it is going well so far.

Here the couch is in the first stages of just being pinned - but I will be sure to show you a finished picture. I am so excited about what the couch will look like! It is white, but will be easy to wash (and bleach) and the fabric was less the $5 a yard, making it less than $50 for a brand new couch!!

Ill be back soon with pictures of the boys!!