Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Reed finally got his big boy bed. He isn't sleeping in it yet, but we are getting him warmed up to it! He loved it right away!

Cuddling with Daddy

Tomorrow Ryan, Reed and I will be traveling to North Carolina for a little vacation with Max, Kathleen and their sweet boy Jackson. We are very excited about the fun weekend, and hopefully a little snow! Stay tuned, I'm sure I will have great pictures!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visiting Virginia

This past weekend I had the amazing privilege of traveling with one of my closest friends to visit our other close friend in Virginia. This trip was a long time coming, and so appreciated. I am so thankful that my amazing husband would allow me to leave for almost 5 days to go on vacation. These girls are friends you only find once in a lifetime, and make me so happy! I am so thankful for them as well.
In case you weren't aware, VA., particularly Alexandria, VA is very close to Washington DC, which means we were there just before the inauguration. We went into the city Friday night for a tour because we knew the city would be shut down the next day! It was amazing to see the number of port-o-potties and tents that were already set up in preparation. Nevertheless, we managed to have plenty of fun without going into the city. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was going pottery painting. It was such a great idea because now I have something very special to remember the weekend by. I made a mug, and I am hoping to keep doing this in our vacation weekends to come. One day I will have a whole set that I have painted with these girls!In other news, Cade is doing well, growing as he should be. We still aren't positive the position he is in, so you can pray that he is in fact head down. Reed is getting his big boy bed this weekend, and I am very nervous about this. It will either be a good transition or not - so any suggestions are welcomed. Nevertheless, this means we are one step closer to getting Cade's room ready. Well, that is all for now! Goodnight!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quick Update

There it is! We finally named our 2nd baby boy. He will be Cade Robert Dender. Robert was Ryan's grandfathers name - and we wanted to pass on a little family to this baby, and Cade was just a name we liked. I am so excited to have him named. Now we are working on cleaning out what was once a very full office and turn it into Cade's room. The letters above are ones I painted, and will hang in his room! :)
In other news we have had a busy month. After Christmas and New Years we were graced with the presence of some of our dear friends. Max and Kathleen were mentors to both Ryan and I when we were in college. It has been neat to transition from that role to friends, and to be able to raise our family's together. ( They have a little boy 2 months older than Reed, and are pregnant with there second and due just days before me). Because they now live in Charleston, our time together is even more precious! We were thrilled to have them stay with us, and can't wait until the end of the month when we will vacation in NC together! We love you guys!
Reed and Jackson hanging out together

Just a fun picture of Reed.
He is at such a fun age, talking more and more everyday! I love watching his little personality come out! He is so sweet, I can't imagine what his little brother will be like! Just a few more weeks and we will find out! :)