Monday, January 14, 2008

SO Sorry!!

Sorry it has been SO long since I have last blogged! I have all of these amazing pictures to share with you- from Reed's first food, to first first snow! BUT I have not been able to upload them! I don't know what the problem if anyone has suggestions I am open!!

Nevertheless, We had a great Christmas! Reed received an overwhelming amount of gifts that far out numbered everyone elses gifts! But that just shows how loved he is! He is such a happy little guy! He laughs at everything and it is so precious. I really wish I could show you all a few pictures of him smiling. It melts my heart!

Shortly after Christmas Ryan, Reed and I traveled to North Carolina on our youth group ski trip! Ryan and Reed drove up the day before I did in Ryan's truck, and I came the next morning on the bus with all the kids! Ryan had a little bit of a rough night all alone with Reed, but learned a valuable lesson-- Reed likes WARM milk!! ;)
The rest of the trip was smooth however. It was very very cold- and snowed quite a bit. I think the news said that with the windchill it was somewhere between -5 and -15! Whew! Surprisingly enough Reed seemed to enjoy the cold and started laughing when we walked outside...who would have thought?

This upcoming weekend we are traveling again, to South Carolina to see our friends Max and Kathleen..and of course Jackson. Hopefully I can figure out what is wrong and be able to upload some pics soon.

I will post more later! Much love!
Ash and Ry