Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bailey's Birthday Celebration

I realize this is a month late - I apologize, bear with me! Bailey's Birthday weekend was very memorable. The day before her 1st birthday we baptized her infront of our church congregation. It was neat to stand up there as a whole family and commit to raise our daughter to know and love Jesus to the best of our abilities.

After the baptism we went home and prepared to CELEBRATE! I had a great time decorating for my sweet baby girl with LOTS of pink!!

Bailey loved her cake!

But, I think her favorite part was her baby doll and strollers!!

She wanted to climb in there and snuggle with "Dolly"

Though she looks like she is mad she really is giving that baby doll a big 'ol squeeze!!

I can't believe our sweet baby girl is 1 - it went by so quickly, but I have loved every minute I had had with her!! She completes our little family and adds so much fun to our home! We love you sweet girl!

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