Sunday, August 7, 2011

St. George Island!

Last week while Daddy was out of town the babies and I took a trip to the beach with some sweet friends! Being that we live in Tallahassee, we drove almost 2 hours to go to a real beach with water that wouldn't make us sick! LOL!

We all had SO much fun!! Both of my boys had a friend to play with that is their age, and they played all day long!!!!!

Poor Cader really wanted to be held, but Mommy was holding Bailey :(
Luckily Miss Brooke was nice enough to help me out!!

Cade and his buddy "Coley"


Cade was so worn out that he crawled in my lap and passed out sitting up, even with his baby sister terrorizing him! I layed him down and he napped for a few - then I woke him up so he could play some more before we left!

Bailey LOVES the water and sand!! She had NO fear!!

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